We provide the following value added services to our customers as part of pre & post engineering of injection moulds. If you are utilising injection moulding of thermoplastics for any of your products, then you are one of our potential clients!

Moldflow Analysis

Moldflow was founded in 1978 in Melbourne, Australia, and is still rated as the number one plastics simulation software by injection moulding professionals worldwide. We provide the following Moldflow Analysis services to optimise part and mould design before cutting steel.

  • Validation of part design and recommendations for improvement 
  • Polymer selection – evaluation of alternate polymers 
  • Balancing of feed system for family moulds 
  • Optimisation of process parameters 
  • Cooling analysis to check and improve water line layouts 
  • Determination of part warpage and corrective measures to reduce warpage

Choose either a Silver, Gold or Platinum report for your project and send us your part model to get our competitive pricing and lead time.

Silver Gold Platinum
Filling Feasibility Study Yes Yes Yes
Pressure Drop Estimation Yes Yes Yes
Weld-Line Location and Intensity Yes Yes Yes
Packing Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Volumetric Shrinkage Yes Yes Yes
Tonnage Estimation Yes Yes Yes
Warpage Analysis with Fill and Pack X Yes Yes
Cooling Analysis X X Yes
Warpage Analysis Including Cooling Effects X X Yes

Process Optimisation

Scientific Injection Moulding (SIM) is a revolutionary approach that changed injection moulding from an art form to one that incorporated data-driven science. It is a  proven procedure to establish the centreline process and the first step to determine optimum process parameters. 

NAUTILUS is an innovative software developed by Fimmtech to help moulders debug and validate moulding processes by applying SIM techniques. The machine and material data are pre-loaded into the software.  All the user has to do is enter the mould data and critical dimensions of the part to conduct a DOE and effortlessly optimise process parameters.

Please contact us to get a free trial license of the software and see how you could make use of NAUTILUS to drastically reduce the number of costly mould trials and save on cycle time.

Seminars & Training

Up-skilling your key staff is the smartest investment you can make to improve the quality and productivity of injection moulding operations.  Quite often, people skills become the single factor that differentiates two competitors in the same sector – as the technology available is universal these days. 

We believe in sharing the knowledge and therefore provide beginner and advanced training sessions in Hot Runner Moulding and Scientific Injection Moulding. Training can be done online or at your facility. Please contact us to get the list of topics we cover.


Hot Runner Systems

Whatever your moulding application might be, we have a hot runner solution to match your specific requirements. These include advanced side gating solutions for medical applications or standard systems for simple polyolefine application, technically supported by over two decades of industry experience. Thanks to Everfinest, we now benefit from the unique approach of combining both high end and lower budget solutions under one umbrella.

Temperature Controllers

A high-quality temperature controller is vital for the smooth production run of hot runner moulds. We supply both modular and touch screen versions of temperature controllers by Feller Engineering, who have specialised in this department since 1972. All of our controllers have advanced features to protect the hot runner system and allow sequential heating and cooling of zones, creating a clean seal on the nozzle tip.

Injection/LSR Moulds

Are you looking for a quality mould maker overseas to get your project done within budget and quick turnaround? We have access to highly experienced injection and silicone mould makers in a variety of markets including packaging, medical and industrial segments across Asia and North America to choose from. We deliver low volume prototype moulds as well as high cavity production moulds, built to run at the shortest cycle time.